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Beaker Dyeing Apparatus LABOMATBeaker dyeing system LABOMAT type «BFA»
Textile materials and their blends can be dyed in various make-ups in the LABOMAT type «BFA».

Dyeing Apparatus COLORSTARCOLORSTAR type «CJ»
The Colorstar type «CJ» is a 1-position dyeing system for use both in mill laboratories and research institutes. The vast selection of machine versions and versatile accessories means that the «CJ» can be tailored to customer requirements. The dyeing principle works according to the bobbin and beam principle and the exhaust dyeing method, whereby the dye liqu ....

Jet Dyeing ApparatusLaboratory jet dyeing system type «JFL»
Laboratory jet dyeing apparatus type «JFL», multiple use HT dyeing apparatus.

After-Treatment Apparatus SOAPYSOAPY type «S»
The SOAPY type «S» is a 1-position unit for after-treatment processes of dyed material samples (yarn or piece goods) as well as printed textiles. The material samples are agitated in the liquor from the jet nozzle which is circulated by a pump.

Beaker Dyeing Apparatus POLYCOLORPolycolor beaker dyeing system type «P»
The Polycolor beaker dyeing apparatus type «P» is a universal laboratory dyeing apparatus for developing production recipes. Textile, yarns in hank form and knitted goods are treated with this unit.

Dyeing Apparatus COLORBOBBYCOLORSTAR type «CB»
The colorstar type «CB» is a universal dyeing apparatus with 2, 4 or 6 dye vessels. Each dye vessel can be operated independently. The «CB» is used for exhaust dying under normal and HT conditions. The dye liquor is pumped through the stationary textile material.

Overflow Jet Dyeing ApparatusOverflow jet dyeing system type «JFO»
The overflow jet dyeing apparatus type «JFO» is a multiple use HT dyeing system.

Washing unit for textile samplesWashing unit type «WU-2»
The washing unit for textile samples type «WU» is used to wash out textile material samples with water in washing containers of various sizes. The washing containers can be heated with steam. Each washing container is equipped with a separate circulation pump. The textile samples are rotated and thus «washed out» by agitating the water in the washing container.

Beaker Dyeing Apparatus AIRBOYBeaker dyeing system AIR BOY type «AB»
Beaker dyeing apparatus AIR BOY type «AB» has two completely separate dye vessels with 6 or 12 beakers each. The unit is heated and cooled by air circulation without the use of a liquid heating medium. The temperature is measured directly in the dye bath, in one beaker per dye vessel. Both dye vessels are controlled and monitored independently of each other by ....

The Colorstar Foamy type «CF» has the same basic design as the Colorstart type «CJ», but the liquor does not circulate through the dye sample but is discharged through a special nozzle where foam is generated in the glass container. The formation of foam and its following destruction after the addition of chemicals can be observed optically and evaluated toget ....

Jet Dyeing ApparatusJet dyeing system type «JFP»
Jet dyeing system type «JFP», for dyeing and pretreatment of all kinds of material samples. The application results obtained with the «JFP» are directly transferable to large batches or production units thanks to modern recording technology.

Drum dyeing and washing unitDrum dyeing and washing unit type «TWA»
Drum dyeing and washing unit type «TWA» for dyeing and washing of larger material samples or «fully fashioned» textiles.

Dyeing Apparatus TURBYTURBY type «T»
The Turby type «T» is a 12-position magnetic stirrer dyeing system working on the winding/package beam principle. The pump effect in the dye beaker is caused by the rapid rotation of the stirrer. Chemicals are added directly into the dye liquor using a hand syringe or with a 12-channel dosing pump. Linear, progressive or degressive dosing curves are possible.

JiggerJigger type «WJ»
Jigger type «WJ» for dyeing textile materials of all kinds and their blends. The «WJ» is closed which also allows the use of reduction products.

TURBYBOBBY type «TB», for sample dyeings under open or HT conditions for small liquor ratios and manual dosing. Centrifugal pumps in the dye vessels pump the liquor from the outside to the inside through the material holder.

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Tel + 41 44 852 50 50
Fax + 41 44 850 67 07