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Open to the world and truly Swiss

MATHIS AG, based in the Swiss town of Oberhasli, and the machines and systems which the company produces have been a byword in dyeing laboratories since 1968. We also manufacture production systems for dyeing textile ribbons. In our second production division we develop and manufacture machines and systems for coating a wide range of materials.

Hauptsitz der Mathis AG in Oberhasli

50 years of Mathis AG – retrospect and outlook
By Beat Mathis, CEO

MATHIS AG  - the past
Werner Mathis AG was founded in 1968 by my father Werner Mathis.

In his former position as the chief design engineer of a company producing textile machines, he soon realized that there was a great market potential for textile machines and laboratory equipment for dyeing and finishing applications.

He thought that the machines available at the time were much too large to be able to make the necessary settings for laboratory work.

Werner Mathis therefore launched his own business and started to develop and build the first laboratory machines in the basement of his house.

Soon the demand for MATHIS equipment was so great that he was able to erect a new building in Oberhasli to accommodate the growing company, which it moved into in 1975.

The footprint and height of the building was extended in 1986.

In 1995 the company acquired another production building in the same industrial complex which has accommodated our metal workshop and the entire sheet metal processing facilities ever since.

In 2002 we extended the main building, creating a 40 by 20 meter assembly shop to enable us to assemble large systems.

MATHIS AG - today

A workforce of 60 is currently employed at the company's headquarters in Oberhasli:
A sales department for global sales of MATHIS products in collaboration with 50 carefully selected agencies
R&D department
Mechanical and electrical engineering
Software department for the development and programming of our machine and system controllers
Documentation department
Service and spare parts department
A large test center for customer trials
Spacious goods and spare parts warehouse containing all components required to build our machines and systems
Metal workshop for processing steel and stainless steel sheets
Electrical department for the electrical installation of all machines and systems
Assembly shop in which all machines and systems are fully assembled and tested
Shipping department

MATHIS AG International

For the past 25 years MATHIS AG has also run a production facility in Brazil which serves the South American market. A workforce of around 60 employees is also employed at these works.

BRASIL: Aparelhos de laboratorio Mathis Ltda.

MATHIS AG also has its own subsidiaries for sales and service in the following countries:

USA: Werner Mathis USA, INC, Concord, NC
INDIA: Mathis (India) PVT. LTD, Thane

The two mainstays of MATHIS AG
1. Construction of laboratory textile machines for dyeing and finishing applications in the textile, chemical and dye industries. Today we are proud to say that we are the world's leading  producer of laboratory textile machines.
2. Construction of coating systems for laboratories and production facilities in the textile, paper and foil sectors, the pharmaceutical and plastics industries, battery and fuel cell producers, steel and aluminium processors as well as the automobile industry.
Our philosophy: Providing an individual solution for all our customers' needs

We advocate the highest quality as this is what we believe in. We demonstrate to our customers that reproducible results which can be used for large-scale production can only be obtained with precision laboratory equipment. For us "Made in Switzerland" means the highest quality, a long service life and low maintenance requirements.
Another reason for our success is our close, collaborative interaction with our customers. Due to our own very high degree of vertical integration we are able to react quickly and selectively to special customer requirements and implement our solutions accordingly. As a result the machines and equipment undergo constant further development with the input of our customers.
Many of our machines and systems are of customized design. Our philosophy is that nothing is impossible, and we work together with our customers to find the ideal solution for all assignments.
Over the past 40 years we have built a total of around 13,500 machines and systems which have been sold around the world.

Most of these are still in operation today and we carry out any necessary repair work or supply customers with the necessary spare parts. After sales service is one of our main priorities.
We would like to thank all our customers for the confidence they have shown in us over the past 40 years and look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration in the future.


Werner Mathis AG :: Rütisbergstr. 3 :: CH-8156 Oberhasli :: Tel + 41 44 852 50 50 :: Fax + 41 44 850 67 07 :: info@mathisag.com
Werner Mathis AG
Rütisbergstr. 3
CH-8156 Oberhasli
Tel + 41 44 852 50 50
Fax + 41 44 850 67 07